Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Turns of 2008-09 DEEPness

Upper Little Cottonwood Canyon received 46 inches of snow out of this first real ski able storm of the season... definitely the deepest first day i've ever had. We skied untouched lines in main chute on baldy and also hit the shoulder of baldy... usually all too rocky to ski after a first storm of the season but we didn't hit a single thing. Tons of face shots...

Here is some evidence of that... this is really the only video i got of the day that even came close to doing it justice, but it's really short. it was hard to pull out the camera for too long. You will see him virtually disappear when he's turning hard. WAHOOOOO!:

Here are a couple cool nature pics from the day (i love nature):

This is a cool shot off the Pfeiferhorn. It was calling to us all morning:

This is a look back at our skin track winding up baldy shoulder with superior in the back:

Looking down LCC to SLC:

Sunrise over WildCat:

Sunrising on Mount Superior:

cool blueness:

Monday, April 7, 2008

Primrose... April 7th 2008

It was poopin' up there this evening.... white out conditions at times. A foot or more on all aspects above about 7700 feet. Plenty of natural activity occurred during the periods of heaviest snow fall. Turning conditions were incredible.... face shots a plenty. Here are some pics and a vid:
Hard to tell too much from this video with all the snow but after the first turn it got dEEp...

storm was clearing out by the time we came out the canyon. tomorrow morning should be excellent too.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Patty's in Primrose

My attempt to chronicle all my ski tours and southern Utah trips this year didn't even really get off the ground.... suck! It was just one of those years... lots of pow and lots of trips down south but man, it was tough to brake out the camera. Well, here is a couple vids and pics from a Primrose Cirque tour we did yesterday (St.Patty's Day... luck was on our side).

Here's video of JP rippin' GS turns with dogs in hot pursuit:

Here's video of me GS'n:

Some pics...

My turns are dollar signs thanks to the dawgs. They were some money turns for sure:

What a blue-bird day looking back at the cirque:

JP skinning back up for one more lap:

Monday, November 5, 2007

Moab - The Whole Enchilada

High pressure is still dominating into the first week of November... gotta play bikes until it starts snowing again. Moab makes me wanna puke from sensory overload (see photo's below. click on 'em to see their actual girth). What would I do without a short drive to Southern Utah during the "in-between" seasons... I'd pro'ly puke I guess. Either way... I'm pukin.

Saturday, we linked up 4 trails (called The Whole Enchilada) starting high in the La Sal's which dropped us almost 7000 vertical feet. Hazard County trail, to the Kokopelli trail, to the UPS trail, finishing on the glorious Porcupine Rim Trail. Why is that ride so freakin fun? When I do it again, I'll skip the Hazard County trail and just start at the Kokopelli trail... I promise, you'll be laughin. After riding the Kokopelli section, it was hard to find words... we just looked at each other and laughed... hard and long. The UPS trail is a playground and what can I say about the Porc... let's just say she's completely Kosher. Floatin down Porcupine on 6 inches of fluffy travel, to quote the male model Hansel, will "change your perspective on shit." (he's so hot right now)

Sunday morning found us bombin' Amasa Back. The joy found therein made me feel guilty for ever questioning whether or not to ride it... the kind of guilt that cuts to the core and makes your lip quiver.
Let me know if any of you want pics from the trip and I'll hook you up!

Steam risin off the Colorado river at sunrise:

I caught scott dealin' crack at the camp site:

Then I caught scott smoking crack at the camp site:

More Camp site shots:

Where's Des?

A couple shots taken through my sunglass lens:

The only group shot I got... and it's a partial one:

Magical campsite video:

Monday, October 22, 2007

First Ski Tour of the Year...

I'm back! Now that Ski season is officially here, I will start posting more shiz. We took a lot of trips this summer and with that came even more pictures... i had so much material to post that I chose not to post any of it. Makes sense, right?

While Sundance boasts an impressive 5 inch base atop Arrowhead, the Cottonwoods enjoy a solid 30+ inch base. Not too bad o' conditions for October. Most of these were taken from the first part of the tour on Patsy Marley and Mt. Wolverine. Only ran into one other two-man party all day, while 100's skied moguls at alta and snowbird. I went with a rad crew and had a great day. Saw about 9 inches of freshies that skied more like 6 or so... it wasn't as deep as it was fast, creamy and fun. See the video at the end of this post for a great visual report.

CJ Whittaker's nice backside skinning up to Wolverine as the sun rises:

This picture has some crazy color layers above the valley from the sunrise... too bad the horizon is all crooked... stupid horizon.

October freshies video!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Introduction to ME

I thought i'd start my existence in the blog world by showing you which celebrities i am commonly mistaken for.

I look exactly like the people in this collage.... You can't stop science. They did a face scan and determined that these are the celebrities people confuse me with.